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What is WAN : Wide area network, Types & Advantages & Disadvantages,Which Technologies Used in WAN

WAN : Wide area network, Advantages & Disadvantages, Advantage of WAN, Disadvantage of WAN , Technology used in wide area network , Type of WAN,

Definition of WAN :  

It is a type of computer network. That covers multiple cities, countries, areas and continents.”

It is used to connect devices  and networks that are not in the same physical location. when they are more Complex and require more hardware and software to manage the network traffic.

Wide area network used to connect devices all over the world.


Wide area network provides long distance transmission of data and graphics, image, video etc.

Advantage of WAN 

1.WAN provides connectivity and data sharing all over the world.

2.WAN it is used in email, video call, instant messaging.

3.Cost effectiveness  is the most important thing, why we use WAN networks. faster than deploying separate networks at each location.

4.WAN highly scalable and easy to connect with anyone's device.

Disadvantage of WAN 

1. WANs are unsafe and  sometimes hackers will steal the unauthorized data From user or network signal.

2.WAN can we be complex to manage, if they involve in multiple technologies.

3.WAN has higher latency than LAN.

4.WAN relying on service providers.

Technology used in wide area network 

1.ISDN ( Integrated service Digital Network )

2.SMDS ( Switched multimegabit data survey )

3.SONET ( Synchronous optical network )

4.HDLC ( High data link control )

Type of WAN 

1.Switched WAN 

2. Point Point WAN 

1.Switched WAN : 

2. Point Point WAN : 

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